Our Management Consulting

Why Management Consulting?

In a world where job satisfaction is guiding more and more members of the work force to “greener pastures”, sound management is one of the tools your company can use to fight attrition and increase productivity. With the help of our professional counselors you will learn techniques to put you ahead of the curve in your field. By utilizing our combined knowledge of counseling strategies and human resources tactics, you get clear and efficient coaching to success.

Our Specialist

Kathy Henry, MSW, LCSW, has an undergraduate degree in Business Management and spent 13 years as a Human Resources Manager for a major corporation. She provides sound, practical management consulting for anyone dealing with management or employment issues. Kathy can teach you how to interact with your team in a respectful and professional manner and leave them feeling energized and inspired rather than drained and beaten down. The key is you, the leader, gaining insight, skills and knowledge into yourself and others. Kathy can help you see the bigger picture and gently guide you to understanding what is happening, making changes that get results, and leading your team effectively into the future!

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