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Mediation is a structured process through which an impartial third party assists with resolving conflict and approaching an agreement through group and/or one-on-one interaction. You can begin the mediation process before or after filing for divorce. The divorce process can be extremely overwhelming and confusing— a mediator is here to help and will even write up the agreement and submit it to court for you! Mediation can be a great alternative to traditional litigation in court for a variety of reasons.


Mediation almost always moves more quickly than traditional litigation. Because both parties are coming together in the same place rather than communicating through the court, the discussions happen more quickly and often feel more organic. That’s without even taking into account delays of the courts as the attorneys file motions back and forth.


The process is generally more cost-effective! Rather than each party retaining a separate attorney and having the discourse happening through them, a mediator facilitates the discussions in one place. Even if a mediator splits the parties up to have one-on-one meetings, the goal always remains reaching a mutually beneficial decision.


A mediator, by definition, is an unbiased party, unlike an attorney. A mediator will never tell you what to do or make any decisions for you, unlike a judge. This can be a very empowering process! Mediation takes the approach that you know what’s best for your family. These are your kids, your possessions, and your lives—the mediator is here to guide and provide information.


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