Struggling With Abandonment


Abandonment pain can be some of the worst pain we can experience! Abandonment pain is triggered when there is real or perceived pulling away by our spouse or someone we care about. The feeling tends to be intense panic, almost like a child who has lost their mother at the grocery store. When abandonment feelings take over, it can feel almost like being drunk, causing you to do things you wouldn’t normally do. In their abandonment pain, people have done things like call their partner 70 times in a row; break into their lover’s home, computer, phone, etc. looking for evidence of cheating; drive past their spouses office over and over to make sure their car is there, etc. It can make you feel crazy! Many people struggle with the concept of abandonment because both parents were present in their life growing up. Abandonment does not always mean that you were physically abandoned; there are many forms of emotional abandonment as well. Abandonment pain is difficult to deal with and takes time to heal. We have a lot of experience dealing with abandonment and can help you start your journey to peace, healing, and gaining control of your life!

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