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Find Joy in Your Work

When dealing with work or career issues, most of us are unaware of how much our own personal issues can contribute to our work difficulties. Career counseling in Indianapolis at Healing Hearts of Indy will give you insight about yourself and will lead you to find joy in the work you are currently doing, get along better with your boss and/or coworkers, or gain the courage to make the move to a career that is right for you. Your path to a better work life starts today!

Improving work relationships

Many of us spend 40 + hours at work with our bosses and coworkers throughout the week. Sometimes we even spend more time with them than we do with our own families! We also have to collaborate and work together with them. It is no wonder that we will sometimes struggle with the relationships that we have with those we work with. There also tends to be patterns in our work relationships. Have you ever noticed that you always end of having a boss that has a similar personality as your last bosses? With career based counseling you will break down and understand the patterns you have created in your work life and how to be happy with your work relationships.

Is my career right for me?

Are you burned out in your career? Do you feel like you went into the wrong profession? Are you missing your true calling? All of these questions can greatly affect how happy you are at your job. Many people feel called to a career that focuses on helping others, but quickly become burned out or stop taking care of their own needs. Many people can also feel like they were pushed into a certain career because that is what is expected of them, like the third generation attorney that felt like he had no other choice but to go into law. Some may pick a career just because of the income, but quickly realize that they are unhappy going into work every day. We are here to help guide you through answering these questions and getting you to a job or career that you feel proud of and that you enjoy!

Am I a workaholic?

Workaholism is prevalent in our society today. Longer hours, higher expectations, fear of losing your job can all add up to working more hours than we want to or should. Relationships with spouses and children suffer due to workaholism. We will break down the feelings and pressure that may be pushing you to work too much!
Our careers are such a big part of our lives in today’s society. Let one of our counselors at Healing Hearts of Indy help you get to a place where you love your job and have great relationships with coworkers and bosses. The new “work” you starts today!

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