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We provide individual therapy in Indianapolis for anyone experiencing struggles with life. If you are experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, loss, relational issues, job stress or any other kind of issues contact one of our trained counselors today. We will administer life changing feedback to help you grow. You will gain tools to make positive changes in your life! Our clients feel relieved after the first session just from being able to finally talk about what is going on in their lives in such a safe and non-judgmental environment.

What you will get from individual therapy?

When you start individual therapy sessions you will receive a thorough assessment followed by life changing, honest, and direct feedback about the problems you are experiencing. We will open your eyes to help you see the things in your life you cannot see. We will help you get past the roadblocks that keep you stuck. Whether your issues are about how you feel about yourself, your relationships, or your job we will illustrate the patterns and dynamics that are getting in the way of improving them on your own. Even if you are coming to individual counseling because your spouse is not ready to come, you will gain powerful insight on how to make your relationship different.

We Listen and Teach

You will experience a safe, private, and compassionate environment to share your story and your struggles. In addition to an empathetic ear, you will learn things you do not know about yourself, others, and relationships. We understand the driving force behind depression, anxiety, relationship struggles, addictions, affairs, and other issues you may be dealing with. Understanding what is causing your unhappiness is a priceless tool that will last a lifetime. Our counselors will help you will walk away with constructive tools that will help treat the underlying problems not the symptoms. This is not a Band-Aid approach to changing your life. This is lifelong healing and growth!

At Healing Hearts of Indy you will receive professional, ethical, and licensed counselors who have vast experience working with an array of issues. We are ready to help you on your journey to a better you. Contact us today!

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