How To Heal A Broken Heart
By: Rachael
February 8, 2024

How To Heal From A Broken Heart


The pain from your broken heart feels unbearable and you can’t even attempt to see yourself past the pain. In order to push past it, you have to notice the way you speak to yourself after a break up and how vastly important it is to your healing process. You have to speak to yourself as you would your best friend. Maybe you were in the wrong more than your ex, or maybe your ex was more to blame. Either way, you have to be nice to yourself through this difficult time.

Yes, it takes two, and I’m sure you could have done some things differently, but beating yourself up about it won’t do you any good. It will only make you feel more stuck. It’s easy to only remember the good characteristics about a person when a relationship ends, but have you stopped to think maybe your relationship and/or person wasn’t as perfect as you once thought? This time is terrible, but you have to remind yourself, terrible times don’t mean a terrible life. Even if you don’t believe it, you will be okay, it will get better, and you will be happy again.

Break ups are difficult, and there isn’t an easy way through them. Time will heal the wounds of your broken heart, and paying attention to the voice in your head will help keep you on the right path towards healing. Just like the weather, your pain is temporary. It can’t rain forever or the world would flood. Same is true for your pain, it won’t feel this way forever.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Talking to someone who doesn’t know you or your relationship can help put the relationship in perspective. It sits differently when you hear a trained, unbiased professional tell you the same words your support systems have been telling you. It won’t make the pain disappear, but it will limit the pain just a bit. You could overcome this in your own in time, but you could overcome your broken heart quicker by talking to someone. Help your future self, and call to speak to a therapist today.