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Category: Grief

“It’s Going to be OK”

I had a client the other day remind me of something that illustrates a great point about being a good friend…particularly being a good friend when your friend is in pain for some...

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10 Signs You Have Abandonment Issues

Abandonment issues? Wondering for sure if you have them or not?  You don’t have to have been left in a basket on a church doorstep in order to have abandonment issues.  I myself...

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Finding Your Happy

Where do you find your happy?  So many of us spend our lives chasing it.  Dreaming of it.  Hoping for it. Waiting on it.  Mourning the fact that it hasn’t come yet.  Is it really...

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Is Your Pain Too Much?

Is your pain too great?  Who gets to say if it’s too big, too small, or just right? When trauma strikes, make no mistake, you will feel the pain of it.  You may sense that you...

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3 Parts of You

Do you know the different parts of yourself? Most of us are only vaguely aware of the 3 different parts that I like to talk about in counseling:  The Adult, The Little Boy/Girl,...

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How To Gain Control Over Your Life

Want more control over your life?  It is much easier than you think!  We spend so much of our time feeling anxious and out of control and we expend so much energy ruminating and...

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Moving From Victim To Victorious!

When hardship happens in your life, how do you handle it?  Do you metaphorically throw yourself down on the floor and have a kicking, screaming tantrum?  Or do you accept it as...

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Divorce Is A Tragedy Of The Heart

Divorce is a tragedy of the heart. I don’t encourage it and I certainly don’t judge anyone who has had to go through it. Sadly, I have joined those ranks recently myself. No...

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Coping With Tragedy

In an instant, life changed forever for 2 people and their families yesterday. A young teenage boy set out on his moped for a friend’s house with surely nothing on his mind but...

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