Our Marriage / Relationship Counseling

No Marriage is Perfect

Whether you have been married for 6 months or 50 years, we understand how painful and difficult relationship issues can be at times. Our counselors have vast experience working with couples through marriage counseling. We work with issues from communication, affairs, addictions, fighting, sexual difficulties, anger issues, to lack of connection and many, many more. Having a trusted experienced, caring, and straightforward counselor can make all the difference in your marriage or relationship! We will help you see patterns and dynamics that you cannot see and we are here to help you change your relationship in ways that will last a lifetime.

What types of couples do you see?

All couples can benefit from counseling. We see a vast array of couples. We see couples who are not yet married for issues they may be having or for premarital counseling. We see couples that have been together for a short amount of time and couples that have been married or dating for long periods of time. We see couples with children, couples without children, and we work a lot with blended families. We work with non-traditional couples and families as well (interracial, same sex, ect.)

What to expect from marriage counseling?

Your first two counseling sessions will be your counselor taking an assessment of your relationship and backgrounds. The third session will be the counselor giving you a straightforward and impactful feedback session that will be the platform to start making change in the relationship. If this is your first experience with counseling we know that you may be nervous about the experience. It is not easy to step into a room and share your struggles or open up and be vulnerable with a stranger. Our first and foremost priority is for our counseling office to feel like a safe place for both people in the relationship to be able to be open, honest, and vulnerable. Knowing that the room is a safe and non-judgmental place will enhance the counseling and allow growth in the relationship.

What will change after counseling?

Be prepared to work on yourself! Marriage and relationship counseling is about being able to understand our own patterns and reactions that we have to others. It is important for each person to be able to humbly and courageously look in the mirror and be able to grow and change. Being able to have insight into ourselves as well as the marriage is important in relationship improvement.

A better marriage awaits you!

Do not go through one more day being unhappy in your marriage. Help is here and change can start today. Even if your spouse is not ready, come in and learn more about the dynamics and patterns that have developed.

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