How To Deal With A Manipulator
By: Rachael
August 18, 2022

Most people have been in contact with an individual who knows how to turn the concerning situation that you have brought to them, onto you. Now you are the person in the wrong, and you are not even sure how the conversation went from them to you. Some manipulators will even make you start to believe that you are the problem, and you begin second guessing yourself. It may be a co-worker, or someone in your family that you must deal with. What do you do when you have to interact with them, and it can’t be avoided? You may feel stuck, but there are a few tips to help you deal with a manipulator and try to help gain back control.

To deal with a manipulator, you cannot feed into the drama. They are very skilled in switching the situation around to you and then you start to believe that you are the one in the wrong. Become aware of their process and stop it before they go too far. You can even surprise them with a response such as, “Maybe you are right.” You are not handing them over the control, but you are giving them enough control to believe they have the last word, and the conversation can end.

Take time for yourself. When dealing with someone who is a manipulator, you must prioritize self-care more than ever. You must be your own best friend and have three positives about yourself in mind to reach to, especially when they try to make you out to be the bad person. You know that you are a good person, and no views of another person can change who you are.

Most importantly, set boundaries with the manipulator. Boundaries are difficult to set and most likely the individual will push back. However, setting boundaries is not about the other person, it is about you. You are in control who you surround yourself with. Once you learn to deal with a manipulator, you begin to believe you can take back your power and slowly you will be able to see if for yourself.