Counseling Can Help Your Family

Family Counseling is available in Indianapolis for those families who recognize some dysfunction in their family system. Sometimes a family can be significantly impacted by gathering all of the players together and working through issues with a counselor trained in family dynamics. Many times, families can become entrenched in toxic patterns that seem nearly impossible to navigate. If they don’t recognize the unhealthy and unproductive patterns, they are powerless to change them!

When Is Family Counseling Appropriate?

Certain issues are most effectively treated with family counseling. With issues such as substance abuse or bipolar disorder, for example, family therapy has been found to be the best evidence-based strategy for treatment. Working with several members of a family together can also be a component of a more multi-faceted approach to a seemingly individual problem. If there are far-reaching issues throughout a family of origin or among parents and siblings, family therapy may be a good choice to effectively resolve problems rather than just endure them. Small changes can have big impact on future generations!

Blended-Family Therapy

The transition time between married, separated, divorced, dating, and re-marrying can also be appropriate for family counseling. Working with blended families of all types can also help resolve old hurts, ease the transition of new roles, and identify problem areas that need to be processed for healthy new family integration. We can also work with step-parents in their new roles, and divorced parents who are now working on effective co-parenting strategies.

Why Should I Choose Healing Hearts?

Whether you need help dealing with dysfunctional family patterns; working through a specific diagnosis with a family member; or if you are transitioning into a new family atmosphere, the counselors at Healing Hearts of Indy can help. Create new, more effective behaviors that lead to a healthy, well-connected family.

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