Passion and Purpose
By: Javan
April 4, 2014

It takes courage to be vulnerable, to love, to believe, to know, even in dark times, that the truth is worth knowing. Getting to the truth can be hard. Children know truth, that’s why the phrase, “kids say the darndest things” is so popular. As we grow into adulthood, layers of experiences cover up truth, keeping our intimate core distant from who we really are, which makes it difficult to remember what we need and desire.

Desire and passion for what fills your heart is an important part of life. For me, as a little girl, writing poems and stories, or drawing allowed me to express myself onto paper and canvas. As I grew older, losing some of that ability has made me wonder why. Why is being so purely connected to our childhood selves so challenging? Today, as I work with clients in a therapeutic setting, my heart and mind are grounded, in a Zen like state. I am exactly where I am intended to be in that moment. I know I am completely learning and growing at the same time. Clients are my number one priority and remaining clear is simple and easy.

Do you remember feeling that way as a child? When playing? When sitting outside? When being with family? That is exactly how it feels to be a child. Every moment might not have been peaceful, but you know when you are in the right place in life. Where you are intended to be. When I move away from what I need, lose my passion and desire, the wrong things can seem like the right things. But I know they’re not enough, because the experience is not the same. Feeling hungry for more tells me that I have to refocus. Recalibrate….to get back to my young, pure heart.

As an adult, it’s difficult to draw, paint, and think creatively. But the desire remains to create. I have learned to passionately cook, play sports, work with clients, garden, remodel our home, and place passion into many parts of my life. This way, I experience a full heart, even in mundane chores like cleaning. Knowing that my efforts are precious and the people and resources in my life are gifts.

Trusting my heart, knowing the goodness, and turning away from unhealthy learning and coping skills took years of work. This is the same work my clients do, while we talk together about life. Moving from the old learned patterns to hope and faith in oneself.  Why does it take courage to be vulnerable and have faith when things seem bleak? Because…it is easier to believe in the negativity we tell ourselves about our experiences than it is to believe in love. Our world experiences say to protect and defend. But, protecting and defending only leads to loneliness and sadness. Both within oneself and with the outside world. So take the risk to be known, to love and be loved, even if it hurts, because the good stuff does come through. Growth and learning will happen. Hope will and can be drawn into your life!