Healing Emotional Hurts
By: Javan
April 26, 2014

Healing emotional pain is a rewarding journey, filled with barriers. Making healthy changes includes learning new tools. New tools that could feel strange, foreign. Being willing to drop old habits that might have even felt comforting. Healthy changes in recovery involves having healthy expectations and developing boundaries within yourself and around yourself.

Emotional hurts have a way of growing wild, like weeds in the landscape of your life. They seem to be harmless and then all of a sudden, the weeds have taken over the beautiful landscape of life! So, how did this happen? It is easy to remain on auto pilot emotionally using what has always seemed to work. Being able to identify the “emotional” weeds from emotional beauty and strength is key. If you’re facing issues like guilt, shame, reactivity, never feeling good enough, out of balance, and things seem to keep getting harder, then it’s time to till and tend the garden of your life.

It’s important to first be informed and become aware of what is broken, hurting…not changing. This will help you identify specifically what the hurt is about. Identify the weed in the garden. Then understand how this particular weed came to be and what has this weed cost you in the garden? What beautiful part of your life has it strangled? What has been the cost to your emotional health? From here, there are many options on how to proceed.

Medication can be used to temper severe depression and anxiety. This is especially helpful if the emotional pain is so great that it keeps you from processing and knowing yourself. Medication can also assist with anxiety. Whether addressing addictions, depression, or anxiety, medication can give your brain the break it needs for new learning. The opportunity for change and learning new tools is greater if someone is struggling with deep emotional hurts.

Talk therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapies, EMDR for PTSD and anxiety, and other wonderful modalities can help bring about the change you need for your relationships to be more fulfilling, to become a better employee or employer, to feel free of a painful emotional past. Whatever the emotional challenge, there is a therapy that can help you on your journey to recovery. Recovery from whatever is keeping you prisoner and strangling your garden of life!