How To Trust Yourself
By: Rachael
January 31, 2023

Trust is the single most imperative quality to have in a relationship. Without trust, you are unable to build a solid foundation. It’s similar to building a house on a sandy shoreline, it’s difficult to weather the storms. Most individuals understand the importance of trust in friendships, romantic relationships, and family relationships, but what about the relationship we have with ourselves? Can you learn to lean on your own belief system through the good and the bad times in life? It can be said to be even more vital than trust in a romantic relationship. Simply because if you can’t rely on yourself, how do you truly understand the meaning behind trust for a relationship outside of yourself?

Let’s explore areas on how to begin working on this. Start small! With any area of change, small steps are better than large steps. Begin believing in yourself to make a decision with something every minute. Maybe it’s relying on yourself to pick the healthier meal option for lunch. Maybe it’s trusting you will be able to get out of bed the first time the alarm goes off. Conquer the small trust first. Once you have conquered one step, move one step further. Set an intention to have a boundary with a loved one and reward yourself for following through. Remember it doesn’t have to be a big step, but try saying no when you would rather not go, and believe that you are making the right decision. Each step along the way you will find that you can rely on yourself, your gut, and your thoughts, allowing you to be more authentically you. Trust starts with the trivial, unimportant actions we take daily. Then and only then, can we begin to truly trust ourselves to make the right decisions on the bigger events in life.