Self Love Languages For You
By: Rachael
October 21, 2022

When we think of the 5 Love Languages, they usually are pertaining to how we receive or give love. You may know which language is the one you like to receive most, but have you thought about using your Love Language as a form of self love? When we feel stressed or just not feeling right, we tend to look to the outside, when we need to look within. We think of receiving love from people, but have you ever thought about receiving love from yourself? To love someone else, it is necessary to find the love that you need, first from within. You may be thinking, that is great and all, but how can I truly feel fulfilled by learning self love? Let me give you some simple examples that you can start practicing today.

Self-Love Languages

  • Physical Touch: spa days, skin care, long showers, body movement, soft blankets.
  • Acts of Service: therapy, cleaning, delegating, scheduling, organizing.
  • Receiving Gifts: investing in yourself, going out, makeup, clothes, vacations.
  • Quality Time: reading, relaxing, meditation, going out alone, hobbies.
  • Words of Affirmation: daily affirmations, journaling, positive self-talk, self-improvement.

Take A Test

Take a test online to help you get a basic idea of your needs.  This is a great stride towards learning how to love yourself with the love languages. I do suggest that as a beginning step, but you need to go deeper than taking a simple test. How can you practice this in your everyday life that is realistic for you? It is important to find ways for self love that are realistic to your life or you will not stick with it.

Learning self love is the first step to finding true joy and happiness here on earth.  Start with something small and work your way up, but try to make practicing self love as part of your everyday habits.