How To Stop An Anxiety Spiral
By: Rachael
November 16, 2023

Can I Control My Anxiety?


Anxiety can become crippling and prevent us from living the life we have always dreamed of and at times we need to gain distance from our worries or thoughts. Anxiety usually comes from the unknown and feeling as if we don’t have control over our entire life. I will walk you through a simple exercise you can do at home, allowing you to take a step back from your worries and stop from spiraling.

First, grab a few note cards that you can write all your worries on. Set a timer and allow your worries to come to head, from major worries to small, insignificant worries. Don’t judge or stop yourself from writing down a worry. Take the time to lean into the anxiety that you have, as you write the thought across the notecard. When the timer goes off and you feel you have emptied out your worry box, put your pen down. Now turn the notecards over with the worries on the backside and begin shuffling the deck. One at a time pick up a card, observe it, and then throw it away in a waste basket. Continue until all cards are throw away.

This allows you to distance yourself from the worry and take a step back. It places you in reality and lets you begin learning to accept reality in this specific moment, instead of allowing your worries to bring you out of the present moment. Next time you can’t seem to take control of your thoughts or worries, try this exercise out. It won’t take all your cares away, but it will allow you to see them from a new, more distant, perspective.