Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
By: Chelsea
May 9, 2023

Wondering about overcoming imposter syndrome?  Do you ever feel like you do not belong at your job? Or that you have no idea what you are doing and you are just waiting that at any moment someone is going to question how you got the position? Well, let me give you a little secret…you are not alone. Imposter syndrome causes you to feel like you have not earned your success. This leads to a constant feeling of self-doubt. Here are four ways that you can overcome this painful condition:


  1. Be aware of the signs. Do you:

-Find it difficult to accept praise

-Feel like you got lucky instead of recognizing that you know what you are doing

-Lack confidence in your abilities

-Feel like people are waiting for you to fail

-Have a skewed perception on how hard you work

-Put unrealistic expectation on yourself and your work to be perfect

-Not advocate for yourself


Pay attention to the way you treat work and your behaviors surrounding it.


  1. Another way of overcoming imposter syndrome is letting go of your inner need to be perfect. Perfectionism will feed your it. When you feel the need to be perfect, it causes you to hold yourself to a standard that is unreachable. You are never going to be perfect….no one is. Give yourself permission to let go of that need to be perfect so that you can distinguish when you and your work is good enough.


  1. Say YES to new opportunities is a great way to beat imposter syndrome. When you struggle with feeling like a fraud, it can cause you to hold back on ways to grow in your career. Fear will keep you from challenging yourself because of the unknown. Accepting new opportunities can open new doors that you would help you grow and advance in ways that you did not think ways possible.



  1. Be kind to yourself. Imposter syndrome can manifest in anxiety and negative self-talk. Don’t let those harsh voices make you feel inadequate in your job. Change the way you speak to yourself. It’s okay to affirm yourself and give praise when you know that you deserve it.



By being aware of the negative effects that imposter syndrome can cause will help you fight the negative thoughts that come with it. Remember, you have earned your success. Take risks that make you uncomfortable and get out of your comfort zone. Speak up when you need to. Ask questions if you need clarification. Don’t feel the need to put yourself on a pedestal in order to feel like you belong at your workplace. Use the imposter syndrome as fuel to be better.