Struggling With Counterdependency


Traits of counterdependency include independence, overconfidence, being self-absorbed, often addictive, and having more power or control in relationships. This person often is someone who can control a room, who could sell ice to an Eskimo, or someone who wants to appear as a superhero. The problem is that beneath these traits the person has insecurities and neediness. The “superman” persona covers up the inadequacies they feel, but in order to do so the person has to put up their defenses or walls really high. They are experts at burying feelings. This makes it hard for others to emotionally connect with them. They have a hard time “hearing” others. Eventually people in close relationships with counter-dependents tend to pull away and they are left with few, if any, meaningful connected relationships. Our trained staff can help you learn where your counter-dependency came from and how to start living a healthier, fuller life today!!

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