Struggling With Self-Differentiation


At Healing Hearts of Indy, we encourage Self-Differentiation. Self-Differentiation is a way of healthy living that allows you to be true to yourself while allowing others around you to feel, act, think, and believe whatever they want. It is an art that most people could only dream of, yet once achieved, allows you to be in control of your life and live your life the way you have envisioned. Self-Differentiation is contradictory to what most people do naturally. Our instinct is to try to control what the people around us are doing so that we can feel okay. Self-Differentiation is the exact opposite. When we stop trying to control and direct what everyone around us is doing (especially those closest to us), we actually gain more power. All of our counselors are trained on Self-differentiation. Come in and let us begin coaching you to a better way of life today!

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