Struggling With Shame


Shame is a chronic feeling of not being worthy or not good enough. When you are living with it, you live in constant fear that you are not as good as those around you and feeling judged by everyone around you. Growing up with critical parents or parents that didn’t praise you or pay attention to you is a common source of shame. Our culture contributes by promoting wealth and perfection as the standard for a good life. Some religions can even cause it as they preach living a ‘sin-less’ existence and talk about forgiveness, but don’t model it.

Shame can make you defensive, reactive, angry, suicidal, or can hold you back from trying and achieving, because it may feel better to not try than to fail. The Healing Hearts counselors are well versed in this issue. You do not need to live in a cloud of shame any longer. We can help you start a journey to self-healing and growth today.

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