5 Habits to Revitalize your Relationship Today
By: Jasleen
January 9, 2018

Focus on the positives instead of the negative things your partner does.
A sign of an ailing relationship are couples who can easily point out all of the negative things their partner does, but struggle to point out the positive things their partner does. If you only look at the negative things your partner does then resentment will follow. Attuning to the positive things your partner does however, increases positive feelings towards your partner and decreases resentment.

2. Appreciate the little things your partner does.
Couples often get into the habit of taking each other for granted. Acknowledge all the ways your partner contributes to the relationship and makes your lives better/easier. Whether it’s communicating appreciation for somethings as little as taking out the trash or watching the kids. Appreciation should be expressed to each other on a daily basis.

3. Take time to connect when you come home and leave.
Before you leave the house and whenever you come home take the time to connect with your partner. This can be done by simply giving each other a hug and a kiss hello and goodbye.

4. Connect throughout the day.
Taking time to connect throughout the day is a great way to show your partner you’re thinking about them and increases feelings of togetherness. Sending each other texts or picture messages throughout the day is a quick and easy way to connect. Another way to connect includes leaving love notes in your partners’ lunch.

5. Spend quality time together
The quality of the time spent together is important because it fosters communication, builds intimacy and strengthens the relationship. Instead of engaging in passive activities such as watching a TV show together, couples should engage in activities that require them to interact with one another. This could include talking to one another about the day, reading a book together, going for a walk, working on a shared hobby, or cooking a meal together.