5 Reasons To Go To Therapy
By: Chelsea
October 7, 2019

Have you been thinking about going to see a therapist, but there has been something holding you back? You find yourself making excuses on finances, not having the time, or thinking that it won’t be helpful. Here are 5 reasons why you should take the plunge and go to therapy.

  1. You won’t hear things like “it’s going to be okay.” “I know how you feel.” “You will get over it.


A therapist job is not to sugar coat. A therapist will be your mirror and help you identify ways to better yourself.


  1. You get a full 50 minutes to talk about whatever you want…GUILT FREE.


When talking to friends about your problems, do you feel like you are on a time limit and have to rush to say everything you need to? Or ever notice the person who you are speaking with starts having that glaze over look? A therapist will not lose interest and will not make you feel rushed. Talk about anything and everything you want without feeling judged.


  1. Saying things out loud helps you understand them in a different way.


Sometimes allowing yourself to speak freely and out loud give you a better way to look at the situation. The therapist also takes all of your thoughts and feelings that feel tangled in your head and puts it into more of an order for you.


  1. A therapist helps you develop insight and coping skills.


The therapists assist you in exploring why you may be acting out or not handling your emotions in ways that are not as healthy. Therapists look more at the root of the problems and works with you on better managing your feelings.


  1. There is no competition in dialogue. A therapist won’t talk about their problems and make those problems bigger than yours.


Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are never too small for a therapist. You will never feel like you will be one-uped or your problems are being minimized. Therapists never compete in “who’s problems are worse.”  Your sessions are all about you!

Stop making excuses on why you should not come to therapy, or why you don’t need it. Give it a chance! It’s time to invest in your mental health and yourself.