A Matter of Perspective
By: imavexadmin
February 21, 2018


Lately, the phrase “first world problems” has been buzzing around. One minute, our problems can seem so huge and life-changing and the next, after some perspective, the same problem can seem more manageable. It’s interesting how that happens, isn’t it? Worry, anxiety, and depression can cause our problems to shift in size. Our perspective is what dictates how well we manage stress. If it seems big, it probably feels big…and if it seems small, it probably does feel less significant.

But doesn’t worrying mean I care? No!

Fear increases worry, which increases stress and anxiety. If I had to identify how a stressor can feel unmanageable, it would be through the filter of fear. When we allow fear to overtake the situation or problem, our perspective becomes skewed. Fear inhibits solution seeking and does not allow for thoughtfulness. Fear of loss, fear of pain, any type of fear and stress to an already stressful situation.

Change Your Perspective 

Have you ever noticed sometimes when you’re driving along and the moon looks huge out on the horizon but at other times it looks so far away and tiny? Our problems sometimes feel the same way. One moment they’re huge the next moment a similar problem can seem really small.

The solution to being overly anxious or worried is to lean into the experience. When we can acknowledge and accept our reaction or fear around a problem, we can then decide on how to respond or choose an option. Pull out of the fear filter. Eventually, you can take a deep breath and remember that your perspective filters how you feel about a problem. When you use the wisdom of your life to look at a problem with a different perspective, then you’ll be able to come up with solutions and make the changes you need to make.