Affair Recovery
By: Javan
November 28, 2017

Acknowledging that an affair has occurred is a frightening step. Between the betrayal and the loss of trust, acknowledgement can be both very difficult and painful. Facing the fact that an affair has occurred takes courage. So how does one begin and manage this life changing journey?

Beginning the process of healing can be confusing. Questioning your marriage, your partner and even yourself are normal reactions. The rollercoaster of emotions can include shock and panic. After the initial shock, many people experience a lack of stability that can include questioning everything from, “How long will this pain last?” “What now?” “Why did this happen?” “How do I wrap my head around this?” “Should I stay or go?”

The therapy process can assist in bringing back trust, healing, and hope. Some topics covered in therapy are:

  • Re-learning who your partner is
  • Establishing and Understanding Boundaries
  • Understanding Blaming
  • Understanding Enabling Behaviors
  • Recognizing Choices around our reactions
  • Identifying Communication Barriers
  • Relationship Sabotage
  • Understanding Mistrust and Autonomy
  • Honest communication
  • Intimate Sharing

The knowledge and skills gained in therapy improve family and marital relationships. An affair does not have to be the relationship ending chapter in your life. Your painful experience can become a useful learning moment in your life. Bring back hope and trust through the therapy process. If you choose, you can rebuild your relationship with yourself and your partner.