Are You Suffering From Caregiver Burnout?
By: Javan
March 16, 2018
caregiver burnout
Are you suffering from caregiver burnout?  Exhausted? Spent? Not working with the same compassionate heart that got you into the profession you’re in?  You may be suffering from caregiver burnout, and you’re not alone.  Caregiver burnout is a real thing but rest assured, you can turn it around, if you know what to do!
What is burnout? 
Burnout is mental and physical exhaustion after caring for someone, a group of people, animals, loved ones…just about anyone or anything that requires our attention.
It occurs when caring exceeds our emotional and physical capacity to feel grounded
It is the depletion of mental and physical energy.
What happens with burnout? 
We can feel less compassion, irritated or annoyed. Sometimes, even angry.
You might be accommodating a situation that is outside of your capabilities causing the burnout. Over accommodating can lead to burnout.
Consequences of burnout? 
Burnout is not a sustainable state. Meaning, a person cannot endure long stretches of over functioning or being over productive. At some point, we all need rest to recharge and revitalize so we can get on with the business of living. A good question to ask yourself is, “Is this a role I can see myself in long-term?” 
Burnout can happen to anybody 
Caregiver burnout doesn’t happen to just nurses, social workers, doctors, hospice workers or other helping professionals. Burn out happens in many different relationships. Even intimate relationships can reach a burnout point. A situation where one person’s needs are being met at the cost of another person can lead to burnout. Have you ever had a bad day and gotten frustrated at something that normally wouldn’t bother you?  Have you ever had an argument with your significant other over something INsignificant? These might be signs of burnout.
People can get burned out at work too. Regardless of wether you save lives, manage people, or make art, work stress can cause burnout.
Signs of burnout 
You may notice fatigue, exhaustion, or irritability. A general lack of joy or satisfaction in your daily life. This could be burnout from a relationship or work. Either way, burnout is not something to ignore, as it can lead to other physical ailments and further unhappiness.
When you decide to care so much that you discover you’re burned out, learning how to cope in a healthy way with caregiver or work demands is critical. Your quality of life and those around you can go up or down depending on how you manage your stress levels. Learn how to recharge!
Compassion and empathy don’t have to cost you….learn how to give, without depleting yourself.