Can vs Can’t Control
By: Chelsea
June 25, 2020
can vs can't control

Do you focus on what you CAN control, or what you CAN’T? A common theme that I have been seeing in my clients, friends, family and even myself is putting focus on things that we can’t control. During the Covid-19 pandemic, for example, it may feel like we have no control over anything in our lives. We have lost control of our jobs, being social, feeling safe, and even going to the grocery store. When we have no control over anything, what do we do? Anxiety, stress, depression and feeling a sense of helpless comes when we feel like we have no control.

The importance when we feel like we have no control over a situation is to stop and think about what we DO have control over. By putting our energy into focusing on the things we DO have control over, it allows us to not feel so helpless and chaotic.

Here are a few examples of can vs. can’t control . . . .

. Can’t Control                 Can Control

What people put on social media/news        Limiting the amount of time you watch the news or social media


Feeling unsafe with COVID-19                           Wear a mask/practice social distancing/keep hand sanitizer with you                                                                                                                   

How other people handle their emotions      How you handle your emotions         

Feeling anxious and overwhelmed                Removing yourself to practice coping skills  

When you allow yourself to let go of the things you cannot control, you allow yourself the opportunity to focus on the things you DO have control over. Give yourself permission to put your energy in something that will bring you peace.