Confidence Is Calling
By: Rachael
June 14, 2024

How To Build Your Confidence

You know the people; they just seem to have the confidence of the world wherever they walk. You know logically, they have insecurities, just like you, but it never appears to be true when you are around them. Yes, they make mistakes, but they know how to make it less noticeable and go with the flow, as if it was part of their plan. They hold their head a bit higher and walk a bit taller. You dream of walking into a room and being authentically you, being able to speak your mind and be assure of whom you are to the core. You have the confidence at times, but it doesn’t seem to stick. So how do we build up confidence to achieve your desire? Here are a few steps to help begin the journey.


  • First take the time to define what confidence is for you. What does true confidence mean to you? When you think of confidence who comes to mind? If you could be confident most days, how would you appear? How would you act?
  • Now that you know how you define confidence, let’s start to explore who are you? It’s important to know who you are? What are your likes, dislikes? What do you stand for? What are your non-negotiables? What are you doing when you feel most alive? Who are you with when time seems to speed by? With knowing ourselves, we are able to become true to who we are in all areas of our life, giving us a new found confidence.
  • Find someone who you can model. There is a difference between comparing yourself and looking up to a person for mentorship. Who in your life can you begin to learn from, in the confidence department? Can you grab coffee with them and chat? Learn what works and what doesn’t for them to find your own self confidence.
  • Now that you know what confidence means to you, who you are, and someone to look up to, it’s time to start. With anything, if you aren’t great at it, you must practice, practice, practice. With each accomplishment you will move the needle further towards the direction you want. Stick with it and you will slowly see an improvement. Be gentle with yourself, and remember it takes time. Setbacks will happen; view those as learning opportunities. Pick up the call, confidence is calling, but you must take the first step and answer.