Do You Know Your “Little Girl”?
By: Kathy
May 4, 2014

Do you know your little girl?  I’m not talking about your daughter, I’m talking about the tender, sweet, vulnerable little girl that lives inside you as a woman. . .

For us to live a healthy and full life, we’ve got to get in touch with that little girl, for she is the essence of our soul as a woman.  This is where our essential needs are defined and if we don’t know her or know how to get her needs met in a healthy way, we are in for trouble!  We walk around in our adult bodies thinking we are mature and in control of ourselves, but if we aren’t in touch with that little girl and her needs, in reality, we have no idea what’s going to happen.  I’ve seen far too many women completely destroy their lives and their families because their unknown little girl took off running after something shiny!

How do we prevent this?

Get to Know Her – What are her hopes? Dreams? Fears? Sensitivities?  What makes her feel sad? Hurt? Confused?  What makes her feel loved? Safe? Whole? What breaks her heart?  What road is she tempted to go down when she is hurting or achingly empty?

Let Her Play – Play on swings.  Buy something impractical.  Dance.  Sing.  Jump.  Do somersaults (literally or figuratively).  Pet a puppy.  Enjoy a breeze.  Get her favorite coffee.  Buy her flowers.  Let her play and do it responsibly.  It makes her feel alive and makes a dent in the desires of her heart!

Let Her Cry – All girls have a need to cry somewhere deep down inside (well, all people, really).  We often don’t allow ourselves to express it for a variety of reasons, but it is natural!  If your little girl’s heart hurts, then you need to let her release it.  Find a safe place, give her permission and let it out – in whatever form it comes.  Then be very tender and loving towards her the rest of the day.

Let. Her. Feel. Every. Emotion! – We were often stunted as children because our primitive, immature emotions were not always  convenient for our parents and they didn’t understand it.  So we have learned to live our lives so controlled that we can’t get our needs met!  Find a safe way for your little girl to release anger or pain.  Allow yourself to feel silly or giddy.  As you allow yourself to feel these emotions, you are learning about your soul!  By letting her feel every emotion that comes up, it reduces the inner tension and actually gives us more control over ourselves.

Re-Parent Her – You are in charge of that precious little girl.  Be good to her. Affirm her.  Point out what’s good in her.  Let her play.  Let her cry.  Let her feel.  And be responsible with her.  Let her do it all in a safe and healthy way, not in ways that will lead to trouble.

Start getting to know your little girl today.  Buy her flowers.  Make coffee in her favorite coffee mug.  Begin to release her from the restraints she has been shackled by her whole life!