Enmeshment 101
By: Christy Aloisio
September 12, 2012

Most people would be a little surprised to hear a podcast about being to close in a marriage (see Hot Mess Radio’s podcast on Enmeshment at the end of this blog!). What’s wrong with that? Close is good! Believe it or not, being too close in a marriage can cause a lot of issues. Being too close is call enmeshement. When you are enmeshed it looks like the two circles below

It is two circles too close together with no boundaries. There is part of your own circle that is shared with your partner. The problem with this is, you have to lose some of yourself to add them. But, it makes your to reliant on your partners emotions. If you are too close then you cannot have you own emotions and feelings. If you partner is having a bad day, your mood is affected and you are having a bad day as well. Also, if you have this enmeshed relationship what happens if something happens to the relationship? What is left of you? Only half a circle! It feels like a huge hole, you are not really sure who you are!!

To learn more about the issues with enmeshment in marriage check out this week’s podcast! I will warn you, we had a little fun with this one, but the message is there if you are ready to hear it!