Change is Necessary
By: Javan
March 29, 2015

imageChange is constant year after year, from the moment of birth. We grow as we learn and take in information based on life experiences. Change is necessary and normal. Have you walked passed your reflection in a store window, caught by your own eyes looking back at you? What is your first automatic thought?

For many people, change brings on uncomfortable feelings like lack of control, lack of stability, or fear of the unknown. The irony is that change occurs whether or not we expect change. Are there times in your life that you learn, see, and realize that you could be and feel different, but then shrug it off and continue the same old way? Is it more comfortable? Is it scary to be different? How does your fear hold you back from making changes you seek? How do you work to keep change from entering your life?  What holds you back from change?

For some reason, children can’t wait to be old enough to “control” their own destiny. Adults wish they could rewind and re-do parts of life. The truth is, there never was total control over change. Only growing and adjusting to change. There are many opportunities provided by life, each day, to recognize when we need to change. There are also opportunities to recognize issues that could prevent movement towards change and personal growth. If we ignore change, then issues only grow larger over time. They do not improve if they are ignored. If change is what you seek, within yourself, your relationships, your work life, then step forward to recognize that action needs to be taken.


Action can be simply acknowledging the need for change.  The ability to recognize that change might be necessary first. Understanding that change is neither good or bad, but simply a reality of life. Then it can be possible to see many options, without judgement. Finally, the hope of change or the possibility of change occurring can be comforting instead of frightening. Small steps towards change is simple. Change isn’t something we control anymore than we can control others. But we can manage our response to change. We don’t get to have a remote control to rewind or reset the things in life we don’t like or that cause pain. We don’t get a remote control that fast forwards us to where we wish we could be. Being present, in the moment, and connected to who and where we are right now can provide the awareness we need for adjusting to change or creating change we desire. To be quiet, to sit still, to absorb, to understand, and to know is to learn. If you don’t change anything, then nothing will change.