Groundhog Day
By: Nancy
March 14, 2015

groundhogs Do you ever feel like your life is just the same day lived over and over again?  Just like the movie “Groundhog Day”, sometimes it can feel as though our days are repeating themselves over and over.  Days turn into weeks, turn into months, turn into years…and before we know it, our lives are passing us by.  Groundhog day is really dull, with no new adventure, especially if we’re not really happy with the way that repeating day turns out.

Why do folks stay in their mundane patterns, particularly if they are not enjoying them, for up to years at a time?  Why do they settle?  I know many interesting folks, wonderful people, who just watch as their lives unfold in excruciating monotony, making the same mistakes and bemoaning the same lifeless events.  What keeps them there?

I think the biggest factors are fear, and a lack of passion.  First let’s talk a little about passion.  Somehow they have given up on the idea that an adventurous, technicolor, and fulfilling life is in the cards for them.  They become jaded and bored.  Passion, however, comes from knowing yourself deeply.  Knowing what you were made to do and destined to accomplish in your lifetime.  People that have no idea who they are have no real passion or drive because they don’t know where they are driving to.

I think the other really major factor is fear.  There can be a fear of the unknown, failure, success, shame, or change, etc.  They don’t believe in themselves or that the Universe wants amazing things for their lives.  They simply give up.

cat stalkingToday, I am going to challenge these notions!  You CAN know yourself, and you CAN face your fears!  Just exactly how tired of groundhog day are you?  Tired enough to do something different?  Tired enough to get up and stalk your dreams like a lion going after its prey?  What would you do to have tomorrow not be like today?  Would you do something you are afraid of?  Would you start something that could take years to finish, and move one step closer to it every day?  What would you risk to get a different result?  What would you dare to learn?

If you think that your dreams will fall into your lap, you are in for a lifetime of groundhog days where your dreams never come true.  Want a better marriage?  Haul your backside into therapy, even if your spouse won’t come.  Wish you could finish writing that book you started 5 years ago?  Open up a file on your computer or grab a piece of paper and start writing.  Is there a dream job you would love to do but you need more schooling to make it a reality?  Register for classes.  Get up, and get after it.

No one will do it for you.  No one will hand it to you on a platter.  You have to face your fears, learn who you are, and venture out…and not take “no” for an answer.  Stop looking for everyone around you to change and work to change YOU.

Need help finding your motivation and passion?  Need someone to help point you in the direction of a new day?  Let’s go.  It’s time.  Don’t wait.  Don’t take “no” for an answer.  Go out and get your dreams!!!  No more Groundhog Days.  I’m cheering for you!!!  YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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© 2015 Nancy Eisenman, MSW, LSW