By: Javan
October 15, 2013

Life is a mirror back to me, reminding me that I have within me, all that I need and all that I am. When I forget, when I look outside myself, I have forgotten a simple and powerful truth –I AM.

We people are all able, enough, complete. Too often, and I mean too often, many of us forget because of what we have experienced. We measure ourselves against others or against what we have experienced. This is a mistake. I am not measurable as good and enough because of the good fortune around me. I am actually good enough, just because I AM. Not because of what happens to me or what is given to me. This will never validate or affirm me.

The need to believe in more than just what I do and where I have been is innate. For me, the blessing is always the reminder that I AM and that is the most valuable life lesson. When I cannot do, when I cannot feel okay to be, I am off balance, off kilter. It is not a need for some one else to do….to be for me, to save me, or to help me. It is for me to do, feel, and be. Also, I do not need others to be and do for me. Others are a gift, not an expectation. I cannot imagine or expect the blessings of love and life beforehand; not before they are presented to me. I accept and believe these gifts exist, for I have experienced them often, even as a child, when I was too immature to recognize them in the moment. Or in young adulthood, when I was too ungrateful to identify them. But they are all around you and me. I only need to acknowledge the existence of love and generosity, and there it is. Trusting and Being all that I need.

When I reflect back on life, on everywhere I have been, I see the truth surrounding me always. There were times I could listen, times I could accept, but other times I would not embrace it. These times a belief within me that sounded disapproving or critical could discourage me. That shadow of doubt could kill an opportunity to be open to gifts and generosity. The mistrust of such gifts is never a good influence in my life.

There is only room for truth, truth that I must and do believe in myself. The truth that I am able to do anything and therefore I am the only one in my way. The one natural, innate truth, that all dogs and animals know, the power of now. That may sound simplistic, but simplicity doesn’t make it less true or unreal. There is no past. There is no future. Only right now. This moment you are living now is your present.

No matter how deep the pain…the existence of pain is not a measure of what should not have been, but an opportunity to grow and learn. Pain will always be part of life. There is no life without pain and joy. Anxiety about the past is a disease that steals your life, your love, and your potential that exists within you. It can only steal from you if you allow it. Don’t ask others, don’t seek approval, don’t wait, it’s up to you. Your time will be and always is now. Right now, you are all that you need to be, all that you need to move, to feel, to exist. Don’t wait…..You are enough!