Is the Friendship Still Worth It?
By: Chelsea
June 12, 2019

Ever wonder, “Is the Friendship Still Worth It?”  Have you ever had a friend who was a huge part of your life and has been through it all with you? Who has gone through the good times, the bad, the smiles and the tears? A friend that you felt so connected to and knew you sometimes better than you knew yourself?

Why We Need Friends

As humans, we need to be social. Friends allow you to feel valued and supported. A friend is more than someone who just puts the fire emoji on your Instagram post. Friends make you feel loved and confident. They are the people we turn to when we are down or when we want to celebrate big news.

When Friendship Doesn’t Work Out

So what happens when that friendship doesn’t feel the same anymore? When they take their insecurities out on you, or they seem to only focus on the negatives? Where you feel constant anxiety around them and it feels like a they have brought that huge, ugly dark cloud over your head that just won’t seem to go away?

In the beginning, you start to think to yourself, “well, they are my friend, I should be there for them.” “They have been there for me…I don’t want to be selfish.”   Well, this is not always the case. Allowing toxicity and overwhelming stress from another person is not what is best for you. Friends are supposed to bring you happiness, not take advantage of you. It’s time to put your needs in front of your friends’.

Ending The Friendship

Ending a friendship could be just as difficult as ending a romantic relationship. An important person in your life is no longer going to be there and you are losing part of yourself. But just like in a romantic relationship, you need to ask yourself “Is the friendship still worth it?”  If you are deciding to end a friendship for your own well-being, just know that it is okay. You are looking out for what is best for you and that is nothing to feel ashamed of.

It’s okay to feel confused, guilty, angry, and/or sad.  That is normal.  People are meant to be in your life for a reason and sometimes we grow out of them. Just remember that all of the great memories that you have had with that friend can still be cherished. They were a part of your life and that shouldn’t be forgotten just because the friendship didn’t last like you thought it would have. Wish them well and remember you did what was best for YOU.

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