Know Yourself
By: Javan
May 3, 2015


Are you living or existing? Do you know if you’re making choices based on past life hurts or are you able to really see life in the “here and now?”

Life is full of ups, downs, and steady times. Life doesn’t get easier with becoming an adult, but we do have the freedom to make choices. Freedom comes with being an adult. Freedom is something we can count on. But we are only as free as we allow ourselves to be…right?

Decision making is about looking at choices. Choices and opportunities that change over time.  Some choices are made to help alleviate stress while other choices increase can stress, both helpful and negative. Relationships, like marriage, family, and friendships provide a wonderful mirror, reflecting back to us our inner emotional workings. Just like choosing a place to live a job or a career, relationships are a choice. Marriage is a choice. Relationships create opportunities for personal growth. It’s the chance to see within you…to learn what works well and what doesn’t.  Ask anyone who has been through a painful ordeal. The journey we travel as we grow older is full of opportunities to improve and change.

healthy foodWhat if you only knew to eat junk food? What if you never knew how great you could feel on a healthy eating lifestyle? Choices made about what we put into our minds and hearts work the same way as our food intake. If we put junk food into our bodies, we don’t function as well. But if you never change or change your input, you might never realize that an alternate way of being is possible. Our emotional choices are the same. Emotional intake that includes negative choices such as shame, blame, resentment, negative self talk, lack of forgiveness, can all pile up and lead to w poor emotional state and lack of well being. Healthy emotional activity requires mindfulness.

coupon bookFreedom comes from knowing yourself.

Are you living or existing? Don’t build your life based on hurts from the past. What choices do you make from the coupon book of life? When you know yourself well, you become able to see more possibilities, choices become infinite, and you can take responsibility for your past and your future.