Living Life Being Intentional
By: Chelsea
May 12, 2021
living life being intentional

Are you living life being intentional? We are faced with a dozen choices a day. Some of these choices may be a little more meniscal than others, but they are still choices we make. Whether it be: should I go to sleep early tonight? Do I really need this $6 latte from Starbucks? Should I go to this event that I really don’t want to go to? Or even, should I put someone else’s feelings before my own? The common theme with all of these choices is: you are making an intentional decision on what choice you make.

Intentional living is an imperative piece in your recovery journey. When you are being intentional, you are giving yourself the opportunity in seeing specific results for your future vs. just living for instant gratification.

You are asking yourself . . . What am I doing and why am I doing it? You are learning how to make better decisions for yourself that will lead you to a more positive and healthier lifestyle.

“Intentional living is about doing the things that are important to you even when they’re not easy,” (Life Your Way, 2014). You are not always going to please everyone when you decide to live intentionally for yourself. Don’t let that stop you!

Allow yourself to start making choices that are going to benefit you the most. Get out of your typically routine which might not be in your best interest.

A few examples for intentional living could be:

Structuring your day

Setting Boundaries

Goals for Finances

Finding Gratitude


Having a Clean Space

Finding better ways to spend your time

Taking better care of your body physically/mentally

Are you ready for a better life? How can you live your life with more intention? Start today with being more intentional with just one choice!