“Mind Blown” Hangover
By: Javan
August 10, 2013

Awesomeness, Mind Blown Hangover……anyone know what I’m talking about? Ever had life experiences that change your life? Alter your brain, your outlook? Make you want to change, do something? I have…many times. I really can’t remember a time when I haven’t been someone who was “plugged in.” Always been plugged in, but this past week, I had no idea how exhausted I was by the end of the week, because the experience was mind blowing!

People usually say the day they got married or becoming a parent or some other rite of passage changed their lives. For me, these are precious memories that I am grateful for, that I will cherish.

Life changing moments are powerful. My life changing moments have been beyond some of these traditional rites of passage. Being surrounded by people you learn from, look up to, and respect is an enormous blessing.This week I attended the Global Leadership Summit. Most definitely a life changing moment.

“Mind Blown” Hangover is how I felt Friday night…does that make sense to some of you? It’s like “uh, I think my heart and mind are overwhelmed with gourmet richness…I need a break!” It was all worth the time, effort, money, everything. 48 hours of processing, learning, sharing and then dumping information on my husband, planning my future, thinking about my business, my people, how to make it NOT about my ego…lots to do and think about. I’ll share some amazing people and their wisdom and talents with you so you have an idea of the experience.

Colin Powell…I was blown away by his unbelievable humility. His respect for people, for the military, for those who have worked for him, and how well he understands his people….all this and he came from an average background. He did not attend prestigious military academies, dream of being famous, or desire great wealth. He focused on his people, on his gifts, trusted his abilities, and didn’t stop during failure. Failure Must Be an Option, because it WILL happen. That’s what I learned, loud and clear General! Thank you!

Brene Brown, one of my mentors, is an MSW, has done extensive research and has successfully shared her knowledge globally, which has been applicable to all walks of life. I first heard her speak on Oprah’s Life Class. She has affirmed for me, what many of us therapists know to be true about people and ourselves. We all have basic, intrinsic, needs, that when are not met, in childhood and as adults, things go very wrong….no matter your background, socio-economic experiences, or culture. Money, power, and prestige do not conquer these issues or make them easier to deal with….we, as human beings, are united in this way. Shame, Blame, Betrayal, Disrespect, and Withholding Love are all killers of people emotionally, both in the workplace and at home. As a therapist, teaching about the need to belong, to be loved, and to be brave or courageous against our fears is challenging. But that is our role, as leaders. To teach what people need internally to change their lives. To turn pain into productive living. Because of Brene, I no longer question my “Muhnday Hangovers,” I totally get me! I do not just teach what I know; I also live it….all of it. I don’t always do it well and that is the way it is. That fact doesn’t stop me. Learn more for yourself by checking into her website:

Some great quotes from Brene Brown at the 2013, Global Leadership Summit.

Love is Gritty

Love is Rough

Love is a Broken Hallelujah

I loved that last one…it feels vulnerable, sweet, and honest. Like, Ugh! I am so over how it is! I just feel and want Love right now….and I am in a place where I can let go, because I am desperate enough to be open, and feel and learn. Thank Goodness!

We ALL crave connection. It is in our humanness. We can’t survive well without one another. Just surviving is not an option for me.

For me, music and art create the expression of being human that is concrete, touchable, and visible so we can share our experiences. One final “Mind Blown” experience was the Earth Harp! I couldn’t believe how many times I went through full body goose bumps the entire time I listened to this gifted being…William Close. I lost it when I saw a video of this harp being played in India, at an outdoor, ocean side temple. Hundreds of feet of musical chords tied into the architecture of this temple floated above crowds of people as they experienced the music of William Close. William becomes a vessel through which nature and man join together, in harmony. If you’d like to get a small glimpse of this greatness check out this YouTube link:


There were many moments of learning and sharing that affirmed me and the crowds of people around me. Despite the current political, economic, and cultural challenges we struggle with today, I have a hope that is permanent for the years to come, because of real people who have risked, failed, been brave, and have been humbled. Those of us who are ordinary people play important parts in people’s lives. You may not be known on a big screen or in prestigious circles, but that doesn’t mean you don’t or can’t affect change. Whether it’s your marriage, your boss, or your children, all these relationships have YOU in common. We are ALL connected. That means you are affecting and infecting others all the time whether it’s intentional or not. Why not be the person you want to be? Why not work towards the relationship you want to have with yourself and others? Why not?

Turn “I want” to “I Give.”

I will give for the coming to life of great ideas, good thoughts, wishes, and hopes for now and for the future. I will give, because others provide the help that makes a vision become a reality.

GIVE others the opportunity to learn what you know.

GIVE your heart, even if you fear failure.<

GIVE your resources for the hope of what is coming.

GIVE up the past.

GIVE yourself permission to have what you need.

GIVE yourself love so you have it to give.

You can’t close your hand and expect opportunity to come to you…open your hands, your heart, and your mind. That’s how you can feel and see an opportunity. You are part of the whole that makes everything happen.