Movement and Courage
By: Javan
February 24, 2013

Being able to live out our dreams, hopes, and expectations can be challenging. Finding the motivation or inspiration to have hope is the first step. But we can’t stop there. Turning dreams into reality can be daunting. This is where many of us stop, stop dreaming, stop hoping, and stop moving.  Its normal to have self-talk that says “Oh, never mind, that won’t happen.” Or, “I can’t do that.” These types of inner dialogues can be unmotivating. If you surround yourself with environments that are negative or lack encouragement, self-defeating talk can become compounded, leaving a person feeling helpless to make progress. There can be a lack of movement in some direction and even an inability to make a decision.

Do you find yourself feeling stuck, paralyzed, scared, worrying about finances, losing your job, being able to support your family, maintaining your marital relationship, etc? What about staying at a job that sucks the life out of you, but you stay because of the pay.  Are you struggling with your marriage? Staying in an unhappy or unhealthy situation with your spouse? If your courage to trust is lacking, the momentum to change yourself and influence others can become stifled. If you are struggling with a relationship, know that your desire for a healthier and meaningful connection is hopeful. Talking yourself out of it allows the negative, old way of thinking to steal your motivation. Where a small amount of hope exists, a small amount of negativity will thrive and little progress can be made. Increase your hope and courage by knowing that you are driven to want what gives you peace and joy.  Now imagine all the people, who contributed amazing things to our lives, giving up on themselves…where would we be? The world would be different if we didn’t have contributors like Oprah (reaching out to the world) Danica Patrick (women’s racing) Freud, Einstein, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Henry Ford, Jimmy Hendrix, the list goes on…but imagine these people giving up on their gifts. We would have never experienced their talents and they wouldn’t have realized their positive influence on the world.


Whatever point you may be at in your life, you have been brought to this glorious place in this moment. Use the moment to teach you, speak to you, and allow the discomfort that comes with change. Have courage to know that change is uncomfortable, because it means recognizing something we were unaware of before this moment. Knowing something new requires humility and brokenness. Brokenness so we can let go of the old way of knowing something. Knowing a person, a relationship, a place, a thing, anything, in the old or previous way is different from seeing from a new perspective. This can be illuminating and enlightening. The way we see our significant other, family, friends, and co-workers in a new light requires discomfort before we can have the enlightenment. This requires some courage to trust. Trust to know that we are all capable beings. We are designed to create, to build, to love, to encourage, to support others. Recognizing that we are also built to encourage ourselves, to move forward, and to have internal hope is all part of what creates movement.

Wanting a better you is okay, good, and healthy. Wanting a healthier marriage is good and healthy. Wanting to be a better parent is good and healthy. Wanting to be a more loving family member is good and healthy. Wanting to be a better employee or employer is good and healthy. Wanting to give more charitably is good and healthy. So what keeps you from moving in that direction? The lack of movement and courage is not from the outside. This is an inside job. An inside out job that needs your attention. Being hopeful that the world will respond exactly as intended, based on your output, requires courage. Trust means knowing there will be failures, mistakes, errors, and fears bundled together within our experiences. This is to be expected. Trust that resources, intelligence, and other needs can be provided when you move in your authentic space. What we imagine and hope for is possible and can be sustained if you have trust. Courage is moving through life in harmony with reality.

What keeps you from moving? What discourages you? What is it that you don’t believe? What is it that keeps you from moving? How is it that you find yourself in the same cycle of unhealthiness or the same place?