Premarital Counseling
By: Javan
January 23, 2015

happy couplesBegin the marriage journey prepared and informed with premarital counseling! Planning a wedding, getting engaged, choosing wedding rings, even remarrying are all exciting times in life. Some people choose a small, get away wedding ceremony for two and others plan parties for hundreds. Whether you have small concerns or big concerns, premarital counseling is a great step forward into your new life!  Healing Hearts of Indy provides premarital counseling to central Indiana to those who have never been married before and for those who have been married. You could even benefit from premarital counseling before you start dating! Whether you are getting married for the first time, dating, or planning on re-marrying, premarital counseling can help you better understand yourself and your partner. Getting married is a major life decision. There are several healthy and happy stressors that occur in the dating and wedding planning process.

Thinking about making a marital commitment can be both exciting and stressful. Getting married or committing to a relationship with someone brings about several changes. These changes can feel happy or frustrating. How these decisions are communicated and managed draw out strengths and weaknesses in each person. It’s part of being human and imperfect. Being imperfect isn’t the hard part. But how two people manage the fear based and anxiety based parts of their lives really shows up in wedding planning, dating, and in marriage. Just as the daily grind brings with it stressors, so do the exciting moments in our lives.

Every couple is unique and brings a unique set of  challenges to the relationship. If you are imagining getting married, are re-marrying, or experiencing challenges in your dating relationship, giving marital counseling a few sessions can be helpful. Marriage is about real connection and building a new family. Even if it isn’t for the first time. Our adult relationships are about healing our worries and pains. Whatever they may be, so we can become the people we were meant to be, as we engage in a loving relationship.