The Energy Equation
By: Kathy
September 15, 2013

Do you walk around feeling drained and spent most of the time?  Do you have dreams, but don’t ever have time to make them come true?  Do you feel like you are just getting through your days, one step at a time?  Or do you keeping waiting on ‘the next thing’ (weekend, vacation, new job, new year, etc.)?  If you can relate, then your Energy Equation is probably out of balance.  It is a simple equation and it makes a ton of sense, but if you are not even aware of it, you will most likely continue to just survive instead of thrive in your life!

The Energy Equation is this:  Output vs. Input. Think of it in terms of a bank account. You are the bank.  Outputs are withdrawals (everything that takes from you) and Inputs are deposits (everything that energizes you).  If you have more withdrawals than deposits, you’re going down!

Output > Input:  When you are putting out more than you are taking in, you are going to feel drained and spent and probably sigh a lot.  This is just barely surviving.  You’re constantly in the red and you can only go on so long in this state before it catches up to you!

Output = Input:  When you are putting in just enough to get by, you are exhausted and spinning your wheels.  You’re living on the edge.  You do what you need to, but you don’t really move forward.  This is surviving, but not thriving.

Output < Input:  When you really know what you need and know how to advocate for yourself to get what you need, you will find a wellspring of energy and be more at peace in your life – while you are accomplishing things.  You are thriving in life.  You have time and energy to dream and work towards your goals.

If you see yourself in one of the first two states, there are a few things you can do to start moving your equation in a healthier direction. . .

Limit your Outputs – This means setting boundaries, saying no to people, saying no to yourself (to things that you know drain you), not take on others emotions, giving up control of some things, letting others help, asking for help, letting go of perfection, etc.

Increase your Inputs – Learn what it takes to recharge your battery.  This is not just a vacation or a weekend, etc., but what you can do every single day to recharge yourself.  Sit on the deck and watch the stars after a long day at work, go to a park at lunch and listen to the birds, laugh with a friend, listen to some peaceful music, etc.

If your equation is out of balance, know this; you are the common denominator!  You are the one who can bring it back into balance.  Ask yourself regularly if what you are doing at that moment is draining you or filling you up.  It takes knowing how to both limit your outputs and make sure you are getting good inputs in order to have a healthy balance in life.  Start working on it today, it may change your life!!