The Importance of the real “F” word…Forgiveness
By: Chelsea
November 20, 2020

We all have been hurt before by someone. Those hurt feelings can really be heart wrenching and a feel punch in the stomach. Personally, I have a very hard time with forgiveness. When I get hurt, it is a lot easier for me to cut people out than rather process those feelings and accept someone’s apology. However, the longer I go with more resentment than forgiveness I can feel how much negativity that brings me.

When we do not forgive, we gain anger.  That anger will continue to grow and will become this lingering, toxic monster that just lives in your mind. Why continue letting that monster control you? You don’t deserve to have that poison fill you because of what someone has done. 


We all have our reasons why we would rather not forgive someone when we have been hurt. Forgiving doesn’t mean that what the person did was okay or that you have to forget what was done. Forgiveness gives you the opportunity to have peace and no longer hold on to those toxic feelings that come with being hurt. Forgive not because they deserve it, forgive because it is what’s best for you.



“Not forgiving someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”-Nelson Mandela.