Time to Get Real!
By: Christy Aloisio
August 28, 2011

Feel free to come into my office and vent. Vent all you want about your partner and how “they do this!” or “they don’t do this!” “They make me …” Go ahead, spew this all over my office, but I do have to give you a disclaimer. You will get an unengaged therapist, a bill that will be a complete waste of your money, and a waste of an hour of your life. Sound harsh? I am just being honest. Venting is a waste of time and energy. It hurts no one but you. You are the only one that gets wrapped in the negativity of your thoughts. You will be the one stuck in a victim spiral of negativity. Doesn’t sound like much fun does it? That’s because it’s not. If you come into therapy ready to tackle YOUR stuff, your pain, your issues, get ready because I will be more than engaged and it will be the best money you have ever spent!

Therapy is about you and only you. So many clients have a hard time hearing this at first. “But we are here for marriage counseling!” I have heard this saying more than once. I agree, clients do come for marriage counseling, but you cannot change your spouse! Your partner has to do their own work and you have to work on you. Therapy is about you!

It is a beautiful thing when you can take the focus off of what people “are doing to you,” and focus on who you are. What does it trigger in you? What pain comes up for you? That is where real change and recovery comes from. When you come in and work on you it is empowering and life changing. There is a little kid within you that is just dying to be heard and healed. Let that happen!

I know everyone likes to vent at times about their spouse, job, kids, parents, and friends but therapy is not the place. Therapy is a place to be real and to get at the root of your pain and feelings. It can be life changing and there is healthiness and happiness down the road. Come in and get started today! For more information on how to get started changing your life and marriage please email or call me. 317-607-8983 [email protected]