Who Are You Really??
By: Javan
May 25, 2012


Who are you really?
The typical answers won’t do here….such as student, wife, mom, daughter, father, owner, employee, doctor, lawyer, teacher, brother, lover, husband, etc. These are roles we play in the world, but not who we are….who we are is the story we believe about ourselves. You are not merely the things you do or the roles you play. What do you believe in the depth of your heart about your existence? How intimate are you with yourself and with others? This is what you believe about yourself.
When Deepak Chopra asked this of Oprah Winfrey, I thought to myself, “What a great question!” How would I answer this? I know what I love and what inspires me. I know what helps me learn and what hurts me. I am a nature lover, who sees unconditional love in horses and dogs. I love people to a fault, almost as an addiction. For me, without family and friends, life just isn’t full and complete. I am private, sometimes, and always wanting to help. I struggle with being bigger than others at times and too soft in other moments. I am a little girl at heart, who sometimes likes to play too much. My husband knows this all too well. I am a woman born during changing times. Many have paved the way for me as I hope to help pave the way for others. I love deeply and have given my heart to those I love.
I grew up in a conservative, traditional home where parents played traditional 1950s roles, but it was the 1970s. As an Asian American, mixed with western culture, my heart sings when I see the Chicago skyline or hear classical Indian music. I am light and happy and serious at the same time. I admire the generations before me who share their stories of wisdom, success, and failure. I have been given the opportunity to heal and overcome hurts and woundings. Life is hard, but it is also worth the battle, even in the most painful times. I am all of my experiences and the experiences of others and of the One who made me. Life has provided chances for help, guidance, and learning. I may answer this question differently in the years to come, but for today, this is what feels right to me.  who-are-you-really-2
How would you answer this question? Do you believe you have the power to make you peaceful? Do you have the power to make yourself happy? Do you have the power to be yourself? Do you have the power to stay connected to yourself? Things to think about and things that make you go….Hmmmmm. (For those of you that remember Arsenio.) :-)