You Never Know How Strong You Are
By: imavexadmin
March 9, 2012


Reminder: I will be appearing on the show Unfaithful on the Oprah Winfrey Network March 17th at 9 pm. If you are in a marriage where one spouse has been unfaithful or if you know someone who has watch the show. It’s powerful!

Someone having a rough week sent me this quote. I love it! Truer words have never been spoken. Many of us have no idea how strong we really are. Inside we feel weak and helpless. We feel as though we do not have the power we need to make a difference in our life or our relationship. We settle for the way life is, each day hoping that things will get better. Hope does not bring about change. Strength and power bring change. When you are powerful you are heard, you can get your needs met at work and in your relationships, and you can be in your marriage because it makes you happy, not because you feel as though you have no other option.

When you get powerful strong you can face your marital issues. You can face your own issues. Building strength gives you the courage to come to therapy and work on your stuff even if your partner will not come. When we feel weak we see so few options of where our lives can go. Power gives us boundaries and allows us to take better care of ourselves and our child within.

Some people are forced to gain more power when their partners leave them, have affairs, or suffer from addictions. At some point you have no choice but to make a change. Some people must find the power without being forced. Either way it is a long, painful, and hard journey; but the end result is a happier you. Be Strong! Have a voice! There is no better day then today.